Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Post 378 - Bees vs Beiber

Hey everyone, today's post 378 and I have been thinking a lot recently after I saw this Tweet on @ShiCooks' account.
It really made me think that the media, be that the news, the Radio, TV, anything really, doesn't cover what is important. Now this is obviously one of my bi-weekly issue posts, it's also one that I feel very strongly about so this probably will be a relatively long one.

Whenever I watch the news it's exactly as it says on this Tweet, it's all about the stuff that isn't that important, anything that people should really care about. I remember seeing a news headline on one of the Newspapers '2 footballers declare they are gay!' Why is that "news" and why would it matter? I do not think it deserves to be the 'front page article' as it suggests there is something unusual about it. I very rarely see anything about nature on the headline or anywhere else in the paper. It's something that does really annoy me. Maybe it`s just me but I find all of this stuff about "Celebrities" or Reality TV not relevant to this world at all! Things like, we might be losing bees or house sparrows are much more important news.
Bee's vs Beiber - I know which I prefer :-)

Let's have a comparison, which is more important? The death of the final Hen Harrier, or the next 'pop sensation'. I love music but I know what I would choose in a heartbeat. I think I also know what you would choose. I can't even imagine a world without Lapwings. Their wonderful alien sounding calls as they fly over our heads on the moors or while looking at them in a hide.

The good new is, there are people that care. Like, the League Against Cruel Sports or, Birders Against Wildlife Crime. There have been huge conferences that I've been to about the loss of some of our species. Such as the Eyes in the Field, some of the BirdFair talks, especially those by Chris Packham who did an incredible one about Hen Harriers which is one of the reasons I have done this post, I am inspired by his love for nature and want to help it.

Bill Bailey - a really great bloke!
Also, probably my favourite 'celebrity' is Bill Bailey. Not only is he an amazing comedian, but he is also a great spokesman for nature. Looking at his Twitter account he has some really funny Tweets but also a lot about nature and some about his family or friends when out on bike rides in the woods or, him having a walk in the country side, in a lot of his gigs too he talks about nature and the fact that a lot of the things (such as footballers) are not very relevant and should be replaced with other more important things! One of my favourite stories of Bills' is how he rescued a Eurasian Eagle Owl from a restaurant in China.  The whole audience was completely mesmerised by the film.

Oh, by the way I got to meet him too after one of his great shows  :-) --->

I wish more celebrities would use their fame, money and time to stand up for causes that matter and then maybe the TV and the newspapers would have more articles like this one on Bills' owl rescue.

Or this one on Chris Packham trying to stop bird hunting in Malta, this is an award that's good news

I had a little rant about this on a great website set up by Emma Websdale, Rant for Change. Here's my post and the video I did on this subject.

Now I've had a rant about it I'm wondering how to change it.....I'd welcome any ideas!

Hope you enjoyed,


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  1. Amazing post Zach - and so true too! We forget what's important in life and get wrapped up in celebrity culture and other frightening things in the news that only spread fear, when we should be focusing on how we can change things for the better - just like you're doing by sharing posts like these! :) - Tasha