Monday, 9 March 2015

Day 128 - Complex Clouds part 1

Lots of Cumulus Clouds over lake Windermere
Hi all today's Day 128 and I thought I would do a part of nature that, in my opinion, is overlooked quite often. Most people probably don't think they're part of nature but they are part of the natural world and made themselves so, technically, they are part of nature. I am of course talking about clouds.

Here are the facts on these complex clouds:

Stratus and Cirrus Clouds over the Norfolk Coast
  • Clouds can be found on any planet, or celestial object like the moon, that has an atmosphere. This is interesting as it could mean that on other planets, there could be rain which could support life.
  • The only reason that clouds look white is because they are reflecting the sun's light. The reason they look grey is because the water vapour in them is very thick and the sun's light cannot shine through it.
  • Clouds on other planets can be made up of lots of different gasses. Venus' clouds are made up of Sulphur Dioxide So2.
Stratus Clouds either side, with the wisp of Cirrus in the middle
  • There are three mains types of clouds which are called Cumulus, Stratus and Cirrus. They are all found at different altitudes above the Earth.
  • Cumulus are 65,000 feet above the Earth. Stratus are below 6,000 feet above the Earth. And finally Cirrus are above 20,000 feet above the Earth.
  • Stratus Clouds are the lowest main clouds but there is a sub-Stratus cloud called Altostratus clouds which are higher versions of the Stratus clouds.
A mixture of all the clouds, comment which, you think, is which!
  • All types of cloud look different as well. Cumulus look like cotton floating in the sky while Cirrus are very thin and wispy clouds, finally Stratus clouds are flat and featureless but in my pictures it looks like they are the most common.
  • Technically, Fog is a Stratus cloud just very close to the ground. Fog is very flat and featureless & it is also under 6,000 feet, depending you're not on a 2000m mountain of course.
So, here are a couple of links to more information:

Expect another post on clouds tomorrow as they are incredible things and need much more than one post on them.

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  1. Gorgeous photos and a lovely post - I love looking at clouds and trying to figure out all the different types as well as spotting other funny shapes too! Cirrus are some of my favourite clouds as they have such lovely, wispy shapes. Great post! - Tasha

  2. Thanks Natasha, I love looking at clouds as they are so interesting to watch and see what shapes they'll create.

    I have to admit, though, that Cumulus clouds are my favourite as they look so soft and I just want to jump into them.

    Thanks - Z