Monday, 16 March 2015

Day 135 - A Nature Ramble at Ripon

Hi all today's Day 135 and as I have mentioned in my last posts I had a great walk at Ripon along the River Skell. It's a great riverside walk through some lovely woods and fields. It's only just down the road from Fountains Abbey too, another place I really like to visit.

It was a lovely day and I saw lots of things there. I've already covered two of the species I saw already but I saw so much I thought it needed a Nature Ramble post.

The woodland starting to green up again
So, here is the list with links to those I have already covered:

  • 2 Herons (they were lovely to watch and one actually flew directly above us!)
  • At least 3 Tree-creepers (I saw one at one point but them some more caught my eye a bit later).
Flowers were starting to come out too
  • 2 Long-Tailed Tits (These are one of me and my mum's favourite birds [fluffy lollipops]).
  • 1 Redwing (I have only seen these birds once before in my life).
  • 6 Mallards (Common birds but they are very interesting and I like that they nearly always come over to see you to see if they will get fed :-).
  • 1 Goosander (I have never seen one of these in my life,  and only just caught this out of the corner of my eye when we were getting back into the car, still managed to get a photo good enough for a future post)
    Heron stood on the riverside with a
    carpet of Ramsons behind
  • 1 Song Thrush (I have only seen one at Bird Club, at school, and out-side our house in a tree).
  • 1 U.F.O (An unidentified flying object - definitely a bird, not an alien spacecraft - possibly a wood warbler)
It was a really nice day and great to see some flowers coming out and the Ramsons were starting to smell quite nicely so it really felt like spring.

Anyway, sorry this was quite a short post but I will make up for it with a good post tomorrow. See if you can guess what it is in the comments below.

Hope you enjoyed,



  1. Lovely post - sounds like you saw lots of great things! - Tasha

    1. Its a lovely walk, always like going there as there's always something interesting to see :-)