Monday, 2 May 2016

Post 405 - Update on a few things

Bluebell woods today at Beningbrough Hall
Hi All, Post 405 and a bit of an unusual post today as I've got a few things to talk about as it's been a funny spring but this last week has been very interesting.

So what to start with. Well, lets start with my 2016 Reserves Challenge.

Reserves Challenge update

Chafer Wood
Spring has been really mixed weather wise and when we've had time the weathers been a bit rubbish. Did manage to get to Scarborough one day though and had a nice walk around Peasholm Park there that Mum really likes. It has pedal boats on a lake too so we had to go on those! Got quite close to some Tufted Ducks too. That was a nice day and on the way back I managed to find where Chafer wood was. I had a little walk there and saw some nice wild flowers so will be back there later in the year to explore more I'm sure. I haven't been doing so much at the moment in going further afield, I've mainly just been staying at my local reserves, visiting the ones I went to in Winter in Spring as some are much better. I have also been planning out when to get some more reserves.

McDonalds - litter at Quarry Moor and bio-degradable packaging

A Tufted Duck at Peasholm Park -
I think they'd like biodegradable packaging too!
You'll know if you read Post 402 that I was a bit upset at all the litter that I found on a little local reserve I visit when I do to Ripon - Quarry Moor. It's not yet been cleaned but I should hear any time soon from McDonalds about the chat with the manager to see if they  include reserve on a litter pick now and again. I checked back again yesterday actually at the reserve at the same bin that I saw the pots, and there were still lots there. Now either they had just been put there, but some did look very old, or McDonalds have not actually got round to helping clean up yet. I hope I'll hear more on this soon.

Biodegradable packing - the good new on this project is that the people who are emailing me are trying to get McDonalds to consider the new packaging! They do look at packging from time to time so if there is something they can use which is good for keeping the food nice and is biodegradable they might change the packaging. This might take a while though.

I'll be updating you on this when I hear more.

UK Blog Awards

This was amazing, a week or two ago I received an invitation (which is now on my bedroom wall ;-) to the awards the night, I already knew about it so it wasn't really only a week ago when I was invited. I didn't know this but 20,000 entries got voted in by the public and the UKBA took it down to 180 finalists so thanks to all who voted me in!

I was a finalist in both Green & Eco category (congrats to Wildlife Gadget Man who got a highly commended in this category). I was also a finalist in and got a highly commended award (i.e. I was in the top 3) for the Photography category!!! I was so happy to hear this so really thank you for everybody supports me!

A Planet Fit For Nature competition

This was more amazing news! Basically it's a competition where A Planet Fit For Nature encourages young people and their families to do things that help nature. They then decide from the entries who's conservation work is the 'best'. I put myself in with my #cleanfornature campaign (Post 400) including my McDonalads work and somehow I actually got first place!

Thank you so much to everybody that decided that I should win this. All the merchandise will be put to use in my nature antics. The new camera will be great for getting some macro shots of loads of things so I may need some pointers from Matt Doogue! Just want to thank Matt as well for basically being an inspiration right from the start of my blog as well as being one of my first big supporters. Thanks so much Big Dude! Really appreciate it and I think what you and everyone do at a Planet Fit For Nature is absolutely awesome.

I'm thinking what I can do to help support their latest campaign #fitfornature - watch this space.

I also got a nice message from a Naturalist you might know saying well done (think that may have been down to Matt too!)

And Finally.

Lambs sunbathing at Beningbrough Hall
Finally, managed a little walk in between some heavy rain today at a lovely place called Beningbrough Hall. The bluebell woods were absolutely beautiful. The Lambs  were enjoying the sunshine too.

More updates soon

Hope you enjoyed,



  1. A big well done on your win, it was very well deserved Zach! Love the shots of the bluebell woods and the lambs sunbathing as well. So glad to hear that people who are talking about biodegradable packaging are in talks with McDonald's too - it's great to have big companies on board. You're a trouper Zach! - Tasha

  2. Congratulations Zach. Well done and justly deserved.
    Keep up the good work
    Have fun