Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Post 408 - A big box of great goodies & come on McDonalds!

What a box!
Hey everyone, Post 408 today and the main point of this blog is to say a massive thank you to A Planet Fit for Nature!


Well you know I won their latest competition....well yesterday the box arrived with all the goodies in it. I say box, I could easily get inside of it! It was like a small house. It was great to get home and see it. Matt Doogue sent it through and as a little extra touch it was addressed to Zach Boy! Nice one Big Dude!

I'm so looking forward to using all of the various bits and pieces in it. I already have a plan with Dad to use the seeded bee Matt on the allotment, I hope that we get to do this at the weekend so look out for a post on this. There's so much stuff that it will take me a while do decide what to do with it all. I might save up for a camera to go into the bird boxes so I'm planning ahead!

A fabulous prize!

Once again a huge thank you to all at A Planet Fit For Nature!

If you don't follow @fitfornature you really should. They're really great people and very passionate about nature. The competitions and challenges are really fun. This is their latest one, I'm still planning what I will do:

I really enjoy the competitions. Last year I did a video about how I'd get fit for nature which was

about how things I do at home to help nature. I was proud of this so here is is.

This year I did a post about cleaning up when I go to reserves and find litter. I also got quite frustrated about a lot of litter from McDonalds at one reserve, Quarry Moor, especially a lot of it was plastic. So if you follow my antics you'll know I got in touch with them to see if they will use biodegradable materials in their packaging. They got in touch to say they would look into this but I've not had a reply for about three weeks now. They also said that they would look into helping to clear up Quarry Moor from time to time. I didn't get to go there this week but the week before it hadn't been cleaned. So I'm grateful for McDonalds for listening to me but a bit frustrated that nothing has happen yet. I will have to write again but if you get the chance to email them or tweet them about using biodegradable packaging that would help. A small change by a big company would have such a benefit for our wildlife. My campaign is care for nature? #cleanfornature, please use this in your tweets.

This tweet was a bit sad but also good news and should show McDonalds that there are alternative materials that can be used. Thanks to Roy Noon for sending me this.

Well that's it for now but I have a special topic coming up later this week,

Hope you enjoyed,


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  1. Congratulations on your deserved win Zach. Great video too from last year. Hoopefully McD's will get back to you with some positive news. Maybe you could get an online petition going? Anyway keep up the good work.