Thursday, 20 November 2014

Day 19 - Green finch and Bird Club goes live!

Day 19

Well it was a big day for me today. A while ago our family donated some bird feeders and feed to my school. I wanted to set up a bird watching club to help my school friends appreciate nature. Letters went out earlier in the week and I was very nervous, I didn't know if people would be interested or not. Happily they were and it was a big success. I'll tell you on my guest blog on more about how it went.

Today I've another bird from the wonderful Fairburn Ings for you. This is one I've had in the garden once, its not a regular visitor which is a shame as I think they are lovely.

Green Finch (Carduelis chloris) with friend and future post

Hide & Seek (Abscondere et quaerere)
I need a better lens for my camera as these birds made it difficult for me staying in the distance, but the first shot here was the one time they came closer. As you can see its a lovely Greenfinch :-)

As ever I did some research and here's some Greenfinch Facts:

- There are 1,700,000 breeding pairs in the UK (I don't know who counted them but I hope they didn't lose count halfway through!)

- They're quite sociable birds but often squabble.

- Males have brighter colours than females and juveniles.

- They have a short conical and powerful bill for breaking open large seeds.

- They like living close to people so they have more opportunities for a constant source of food and are becoming more dependant on bird tables as their main source of food.

- They can't prise seeds from closed pine cones  so wait for sunny days when they open before picking them out.

Here are some links to more info on these lovely green birds:

BTO - Greenfinch

RSPB - Greenfinch

BBC Nature - Greenfinch

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