Monday, 3 November 2014

Day 2 - A pre-school frog

Day 2.

Earlier today before school I went out into my garden to see if I could find anything interesting. I looked under a pile of decaying planks of wood and, as it was a damp area, I found this little guy you can see below. 

Common Frog
Common Frog in my garden
My research shows that, as it says above, it is a Common Frog. I was surprised to find we have very few species of frogs and toads in this country. I found this website which has lots of great information on amphibians and reptiles in this country. I've also seen newts in my garden and I'll try and find one to photograph and post up in future.

I really like having amphibians in the garden, it's great to watch them hop about, or crawl about at night and in the rain. I like seeing the baby frogs emerging from ponds too. My Dad likes them as they help to keep slug and snail numbers down and they are really helpful since we don't use slug pellets.

If you have any frog facts would love to get your comments.


  1. Easy way to tell frogs from toads, frogs hop toads walk, frogs have a pointy node toads nose is blunt and frogs have a smooth skin whereas toads skin is bumpy (warty). Looking forward to your newt pics

    Keep up the good work



    1. Thanks DaveyMan, appreciate the support. Lots of nice comments from people, I'm both amazed and grateful.

      I'll try and find an old newt pic for you as I haven't found one lately.