Friday, 26 December 2014

Day 55 - The Second Day of Nature

On the second Day of  Nature my true love gave to me, two Collared Doves and a Partridge on a board walk.

Hi all today's Day 55 or the Second Day of Christmas. In my last blog post I explained that yesterday was the First Day of Christmas and how I am doing my take on the 12 Days of Nature. To see this in more detail click here. Here is the actual verse for the Second Day of Christmas. On the Second Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, two Turtle Doves and a Partridge in a pear tree. I am trying to stick to the original song as much as possible so all I have done for today's verse is change Turtle to Collared. Here is today's verse of The 12 Days of Nature. On the Second Day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Two Collared Doves and a partridge on a board walk. I changed this because I've never seen a Turtle Dove but I will keep a look out this year. I have done a post on Collared Doves before so see it here. I covered a great story about Collared Doves but I didn't do many facts so here is what's missing:

  • Collared doves are a pale pink-grey colour with a distinctive collar that is black in colour (as the name suggests).
  • The Collared Dove has a repetitive cooing sound that most of you may have heard. Their call sounds like they are saying Coll-ared Dove, Coll-ared Dove.
  • Although you'll probably only see them on their own or in pairs, flocks may form where there is lots of food.
  • Collared Doves are a Green Status bird because they haven't suffered any severe declines over the last few decades and also they have a healthy number of breeding pairs. This number is around 990,000.
  • The first breeding record of a Collared Dove pair was in the 1950's. This means their numbers have sky rocketed since then. From two to almost 1 million in just 65 years. I have to admit if I was one of those two doves I'd hate to think of all the grandchildren I'd have to buy presents for on Christmas.
  • Every morning since I was around seven years old when I wake up I go into my living room to the beautiful sound of a Collared Dove cooing down the chimney. I never found this annoying like many people do. I could probably sit and listen to a flock of Collared Doves for hours.
  • Their eggs hatch after fourteen days and the young fledge around seventeen days later.
  • They feed mainly on grains and small seeds but they will also eat berries in the Autumn and sometimes caterpillars and aphids in Spring.
Here are some links to more information including my original post:

BBC Nature - Collared Doves

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