Thursday, 8 October 2015

Day 328 - Wonderous Weevils

Hey everyone today's Day 328 and I was just thinking about how you can see so many different things just in your house and garden. These particular little things, I have absolutely no idea how they got where they are! I found these little critters just on the window frame. There were no windows open or anything for them to have got through. It's just kind of a mystery how these Weevils got here! These are one of the smaller creatures that I have ever covered.

So, here are the facts:

  • These Weevils will be found all around the UK, like most things that I have covered as well, they'll be found most in the South and less so in the North.
  • In North America alone, there are over 1000 species of Weevils! That's an incredible amount for just one place.
  • If you think yesterday's 9,000 species was a lot, then you're in for a shock. There are 60,000 different species of Weevil in the world!!
  • These different species can range from a rather small 3mm to what's quite at large 1cm. They are usually just 6mm.
  • Talking about their size, they have quite a serious case of sexual dimorphism. This means that the Female's rostrum (beak sort of thing)
    is twice as big as the Male.
  • The Weevils lay their eggs next to the host plant in Spring. When the eggs hatch, the larvae actually bury into the ground.
  • Many of the larvae overwinter underground and emerge as adults the following Spring. 
  • Some species emerge in the Summer and will raid the homes of other Weevils for their shelter. 
  • The larvae will eat the roots of their host plant when they dig under but the adults like to feed on pretty much any crop.
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