Sunday, 15 November 2015

Day 366 - A few thank you's

Thanks everyone :-)
Hey Everyone, well back with a slightly different blog today just to say some thank you's for the incredible support I've had through my year of nature. There have been so many people out there that have been very kind and encouraging, it's been a truly amazing year. What I find most amazing is that I did not know any of the nature based people I have met through my blog before I started.

You have all been totally awesome and I want to say thank you to lots of people for support and putting up with my daily blogging and repeated tweeting. I also wanted to put the page together to record some of the lovely comments people have made so there's a few at the bottom. If you want to make any comments as well that would be awesome as I'll have them all in one place to look back on.

There are lots of people to thank so I'm bound to miss some, sorry if I do miss you, but here goes.

Thank you to some amazing young naturalists for lots of support, comments and retweets. Most of these folks have blogs that are definately worth a look:

Thank To some amazing organisations for lots of support, retweets and some great opportunities :
  • Wildlife Trusts, RSPB, BTO, Royal Entomological Society, Butterfly Conservation Trust, BBC Springwatch, BBC wildlife Magazine, Birdlife International, Buglife.

Thanks for some great battles of bad puns:

Some long standing followers, great tweeps, and fab supporters, thanks so much for comments and tweets:

Thanks to some of my favourite places for all the great work making sure there's wildlife for me to watch!

Thanks to these folks for ID advice when I've been stuck:

Thanks for opportunities to write guest blogs:

To save this getting too long there's one last group to thank. Basically the people that inspired me to start this great adventure, well it really started with Mum and Dad taking me places and starting my love of nature. My Nana & Grandad have been very encouraging too and I've made my family very proud. I have to mention Matt Doogue, Lydia Johnson and @BBCSpringwatch with the #100days of nature as they are what gave me the idea and inspiration for the blog. Thanks guys :-)

Just so I can look back at these here's a few of my favourite tweets from yesterday - so many nice messages, thank you everyone :-)

Got a couple of bits in the local papers too which went down well at school :-)

Northern Echo - 11 year old inspires the world with his nature notes

Darlington and Stockton Times - 11 year old inspires the world with his nature notes


  1. It's been an amazing, wild year for you Zach and I've loved each and every post! - Tasha

    1. Thanks Tasha, really appreciate all the comments and support :-)