Thursday, 5 November 2015

Day 356 - Remarkable Redwings

Redwing (Turdus iliacus)
Hey everyone, today's Day 356 and a while ago, I was asked if I'd like to do some bird ringing by the East Dales Ringing group. Obviously I said 'Yes plese' and it was a great time to do it as it was just as migrations were in full swing. It was an incredible day. So, one of the things that I saw was the incredible Redwing, this was one of the species that they were hoping to see and they have ringed over 300 this Autumn.  They are immigrants and a lot pass through the UK at this time of year and they are lovely to see.

As usual I did my research and here are the facts:

  • They found Wintering all over the UK and they are found resident in the North of Scotland. 
  • I say they are resident, well, they do breed here, but there's hardly any of them at all. 
Ready for release
  • There's only between 4 and 16 breeding pairs in the whole of the UK! I don't think I've seen any less!
  • Well, there's obviously gotta be some Wintering birds. Well, there's a more than a few more than 8... an amazing 690,000 birds!
  • Putting all of these previous facts together, we get a Red Status bird! The BTO say this is because there's been a recent population decline.
  • They are 21cm long and they have a 34cm wingspan. Both Males and Females weigh 63g. That's about a medium weight.
  • They first breed when they are 1 year old and they usually live for 2 years. The oldest was 11 years, 10 months and 7 days.
Looking good, Yorkshire & the Redwing :-)
  • Going back to the theme of this post, bird ringing, the ring size of this bird is CC. I haven't encountered this ring before.
  • So they come here in the Winter but where from, well they come from places that are much colder like Iceland, Russia and Scandinavia.
  • A lot of the Redwings we see are only passing through on their way to places like the Mediterranean or North Africa.
  •  It's amazing given how far they fly that they are the UK's smallest true Thrush!
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  1. Such lovely birds, and what fabulous shots Zach! - Tasha