Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Day 362 - Flambouyantly Marvelous Flameshoulder Moth

Flameshoulder Moth (Ochropleura plecta
Hey everyone today's Day 362 with only 3 days to go. You'll have figured out already that today's post is a Moth. You'll also know that I went to the Nosterfield Open Day where they had Moth Traps set up and I helped get the moths out. While looking through them we put some into containers so we could take pictures later. I can't wait to do this again as I saw so many different varieties of moths.
Today's particular one is called the Flame Shoulder Moth. It's a beautiful moth and I can't wait to cover it.

So, here are the facts:

  • They are very common around all of the UK and are more widespread than some other moth species I have covered
  • Saying this, they are found less commonly in Scotland. Weirdly, they aren't found less in the West.
A bugs eye view :-)
  • One last on distribution they are one of the first moths that are recorded in Northern Ireland that I have covered. 
  • As for habitats they usually live in woodland edges, gardens and meadowland.
  • They have a 25mm - 30mm wingspan which is actually quite a medium sized moth for the United Kingdom.
  • There are 2 generations, the first flying in May and June and the second flying in August and September.
  • Adults visit various flowers for nectar especially Ragwort.
They may be common but they are beautiful!
  • The caterpillars are nocturnal, they are found at night, and they live on plants like Dock and plantain
  • The larvae feed up through late summer into autumn and over winter as a pupa
  • The name refers to the flame-like straw coloured sides that the Moth has on its wings.
Here is a link  to some more information:

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  1. Stunning moths Zach, beautiful photos as always! - Tasha