Friday, 3 June 2016

Post 414 - 30 days wild - Day 3 - Hunting out patterns in nature

Hey everyone, day 3 of 30 days wild and today I'm looking at patterns I find in nature.

You can do this anywhere. In your garden, at the beach, at a reserve or just walking down the street. I'm always astounded at the way nature makes such intricate patterns. They are everywhere and once you start to look for them you'll see them everywhere!

Nature is pretty awesome!

Dew drops on a leaf at Fountains Abbey

A weird brain like fungi I found at Nosterfield - anyone know the species?

A four spotted chaser at Minsmere - love the wing patterns

A tulip in my garden - its like looking into a kaleidoscope!

A snail at Flamborough

These are just a few I've seen since I started 30 days wild, I'll update you on what I see today!

Hope you enjoyed,


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  1. Amazing post Zach, you got some stunning shots! - Tasha