Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Post 412 - Wonderful Wildlife Trust 30 Days wild - Day 1

Hey everyone,

Well it's here!

One of the best parts of the wildlife year!

It's 30 Days Wild!

If you've not heard of it well you can find out more about it on the Wildlife Trust Website - 30 Days Wild.

So what am I going to do this month. We'll there's all sorts of things that I have planned but we'll see how many I get to do.

Walking in a wood
A lovely Red Deer
Today's Day 1 and I thought I'd start with something quite simple, just a walk around a place I like with my friend, Mum, Dad and Esme. We went to a great place, Fountains Abbey, which has lot of parkland set in the countryside. There are loads of deer roaming about like the Red Deer in the picture.

Oystercatcher and chick
Neptune saying -
"Ooo, look at those Oystercatchers!"
I did a bit of a list of birds while I was walking around but it wasn't a serious bird watching expedition but I still managed to find 22 species including Coots, Tufted Ducks, Chaffinches, Pheasants etc. The surprise was seeing an Oyster Catcher nesting in the middle of the lake on the little island being guarded by Neptune!

The cygnets
Jackdaw waiting for crumbs
I also saw a pair of Mute Swans with their cygnets. The mother bird was very busy chasing off a group of Canada Geese that were a bit too close for her liking!

Jackdaws are doing well here too and they were around for most of the walk but their favourite bit of the place is the cafe where they were looking around for crumbs. They are really striking, intelligent birds with fabulous eyes.

Well, that was a great walk. The great thing about it is there are wild woods, bits of parkland as well as lots of tress and ruins to climb too. So all in all it makes it a great wild day out!

Wonder where I'll get to tomorrow!

Hope you enjoyed,