Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Post 417 - 30 Days Wild - Day 7 - Watched a beetle hunting

Hey everyone, Post 417 and Day 7 of this years 30 Days Wild!

As usual I took my dog, Esme, out for a walk. Tonight as it was such a lovely evening we went to a place called Silton Forest. It's really lovely there and very peaceful.

On the way there we saw a foal with its mother that looked very young. A bit further on a stoat and then a weasel ran across the path of the car, to quick to barely see let alone get pictures of.

Poised to attack
When we got to the forest Esme did her usual thing of finding sticks to pick up and drop in front of us so we can throw them for her. This gave me the idea of trying to take some action shots of her. My pho-dog-raphy (sorry :-)
is getting better but I still haven't got the shot of her I want.

A little breather

I'm glad its getting warmer. The Cow Parsley and Angelica are starting to come out and last year they attracted loads of insects at Silton Forest. It should be great timing for National Insect Week :-)

Running away with prey

One insect I did see a little further on in our walk was a Green Tiger Beetle. I really like these beetles but they are very quick. I watched it hunting for a while. Then it caught a bit of of prey and tried to run off to the longer grass to eat it. Still I managed a couple of shots just before it got into the undergrowth.

Hope you enjoyed,


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