Saturday, 24 January 2015

Day 84 - Big Garden Birdwatch & BBC Wildlife Blogger of the week

Hi Everyone,

Just a little post today as it's quite a busy weekend with rehearsals for a show I'm in next week. There may not be daily posts next week as I'm not sure if I'll get time to fit them in but I will try!

Today's smallest visitor...
So, the Big Garden Birdwatch is here! I sat down this morning after the feeders and bird table had been stocked up. It's usually a busy time and I wasn't disappointed. So, what did I see:

- 9 Starlings
- 7 Blackbirds
- 2 Robins
- 2 Collard Doves
- 1 Carrion Crow
- 7 House Sparrows
- 2 Blue Tits
- 1 Jackdaw
- 2 Dunnocks
- 3 Wood Pigeons

...and one of the larger visitors
That's not all we usually see, it was a surprise that the Wren and Great Tits didn't show up and our occasional pheasants, goldfinches and longtailed tits decided not to come along either. Still, as my garden is quiet small, I was quite happy with the amount of visitors we had. Lately a Moorhen has been in the field and on top of the stable behind our garden and I've been hoping it would have a look on the bird table - but not so far :(.

Tomorrow I'll be going to do it all again at my Grandparents house and hopefully taking a trip to Sutton Bank to see what the North York Moors National Park are doing.

I hope all your big garden birdwatches are going well too.

One last thing, I was very proud to spot this on twitter yesterday....
Thanks BBC Wildlife Magazine :)


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