Saturday, 31 January 2015

Day 91 - More Patterns in Nature

Hey everyone,

It's Day 91 and I want to go back to a theme that was quite popular last time I did it, patterns in nature. As I've been on my nature hunts I've found a few things that I've managed to photograph that really show some lovely natural patterns.

 I've really been enjoying the frosty mornings. I love the way the frost brings out the patterns in simple things like leaves as you can see here. The crystals are also really pretty and make lovely patterns themselves.

 I often go fossil hunting on the coast and I was fascinated with the patterns of ammonites, the spirals are fantastic Fibonacci sequences. This new fern frond unravelling reminded me of them too (right).

When I looked back at this photo of a pheasant I thought the patterns of its feathers was very striking. The feathers on peacocks are great too and the patterns of how they lay together are just as nice as the fancy tail feathers.

I saw this fossil in the Natural History Museum and it shows that natural patterns have fascinated people for centuries. This pattern was copied and used on pillars in the museum. There are a lot of other natural patterns used in the decoration of the museum. The bark on this Corsican pine to the right is also really nice.
Patterns can be very simple. The straight lines of the leaves of this palm on the right are simple but really lovely, and I really liked the patterns on this plant (Brownea grandiceps) on the left.

Patterns can get really detailed too like on this orchid. The shape of the centre of the flower is quite interesting too, it looks like a tiny pixie, hands on its hips and wearing a pair of boots!

Well, that's it for today, I hope you liked these patterns as much as I do,



  1. It is a fascinating subject, the dynamic forms in nature - particularly well expressed by fossils we find - but of course everywhere we look. I love the patterns made by wind and weather, like sand ripples and dunes. Your feather pictures really show the patterns well.

  2. Hi Jennifer, I like the patterns the tide makes in the sand too, and the shapes the wind forces trees into in some places - must get some more photos :-)