Friday, 30 January 2015

Day 89 - Bird Club Update

Hi everyone, this is my Day 89 post which I did and then didn't publish in my rush to get out to another performance, apologies for that and it's not much of a post - I'll make up for it other days I promise!

I'm trying really hard to get a post up every day because I really don`t want to miss any days but it`s not always very easy! So what I'm going to do is a bit of an update on Bird Club that we had today at School.

We saw:

  • 2 collared doves
  • 2 wood pigeons
  • 2 coal tits
  • 2 great tits
  • 2 blue tits
  • 1 robin
Not the most we've even seen but it was nice to see all our regulars!  Just in case you`re wondering how it actually works at bird club we basically take our packed lunches with us and stand at the windows in our ICT suite because it looks out on to a little garden where the bird feeders are.  We have our binoculars and bird book and take it in turns to use them.  We also take it in turns to fill up the feeders each week.  It`s been snowing here today so the birds were glad of a bit extra food today!

I was really happy to find out today too that there is now a waiting list for the bird club!  I had been really worried that no-one at all would turn up at the first week but it looks like I'm not the only birder at my school and people say it`s really nice and chilled and great to learn to recognise all the birds! That`s great because this is my last year at primary so it`s nice to think that other years will keep it going!  Not sure whether there`s anything similar at secondary school but they have lots of clubs including sciencey clubs so they might be open to trying it if there isn't one already!

I was also very interested to find out that Matt Doogue's daughter has joined an ECO club at her school, I was wondering if this might be something that we could look to start at our school too! (Will be asking Matt about that!).  We could tie that in with things like our beach clean / countryside clean, reduce, reuse, recycle etc.  :-)

Anyway sorry again that`s it's not the most exciting post ever, but got some good ones still to come up my sleeve... :-)

Hope you enjoyed


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