Friday, 20 February 2015

Day 111 - A ramble by a big white horse

The White Horse at Kilburn
Hey everyone,

Well it's day 111 today and today I went on a lovely walk. We started off at the White Horse of Kilburn and went up the 151 steps to the top of it where we were rewarded with an amazing view:

The climb is well worth it!

A bit of its history

As you can see from the stone in the picture the horse dates from the mid 1800's. What it doesn't say is that it is the largest chalk horse in the country and it covers over an acre. It measures 318 feet long by 220 feet high.

Dunnock was singing nicely on the way

Anyway, now for the list and facts about what I saw:

  • Dunnock. (Click on the links for my post on that bird.)
  • Robin. They are one of the most tame birds and I have had them eating out of my hand on several occasions.
  • Yellowhammer. These birds have a lovely call of 'a little bit of bread and no cheeese'.
    How does a tree grow out of a rock?
  • Chaffinches. They are an extremely common bird as in 2014 they were the 2nd most common in the UK.
  •  Marsh Tits and Willow Tits. These birds are so similar that only a few decades ago they were classed as two different species.
    Female Yellowhammer

    Inquisitive Robin
  • Coal Tits. They are the smallest of the Tit family being only 11cm long and weighing only 8g! That's the same as a 20 pence piece. Long-Tailed Tits, however, weigh less.
  • Goldfinch. These birds seem to be getting tamer as every year people are recording seeing more and more on their feeders and tables.
  • Wren (I haven't done a post on these yet.) Wrens are the 2nd smallest bird in the UK but they have a very loud and lovely voice.
Whilst I saw quite a few birds along the way a lot of these birds were on the feeders at the Sutton Bank visitor centre. All these birds on the feeders created a bit of excitement as a Sparrowhawk took interest and swooped in twice trying to get its dinner. The times we saw it, it didn't manage to get its lunch but did send all the birds scattering in every direction. 

I really enjoyed the walk but the reward at the end of it was incredible:

Reward at the end of the walk

Well, I've included a couple of links here in case you want to find out more about the White Horse or Sutton Bank.

North York Moors - White Horse & Sutton Bank

North York Moors - Sutton Bank

Hope you enjoyed,



  1. Great post Zach. Really enjoyed reading it.

  2. Replies
    1. Totally are DaveyMan. Climbed the 199 steps at Whitby the day after, they were easy compared to these :-)