Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Day 115 - My Nature Birthday Present and Some Future Posts

Hi all today's Day 115. It was my Birthday recently and as I'm being taken out for a birthday meal with my Granparents I didn't feel like doing a very big post today but I do have a few things that I think would be good for future blog posts.

The first thing is something that I saw at the beach on Saturday, as I have mentioned in previous posts I did a little nature hunt there. I was rock-pooling but I was also looking at the rocks. The largest things that I saw were Limpets, but if you looked closer you could see little versions of the Limpets growing on them. They turned out to be Barnacles, I hope these little guys turn out to be as interesting as the Limpets!

What's this Goose?
Another thing is something that my Dad saw at his work today and I was very intrigued. There were some Geese. I think there was two types there but I'm not sure one might have been a juvenile version of one of them but it looked bigger than the rest. I need to do some research but please Tweet me or comment on this post if you know what they were. You can see it in the pictures marked 'What's this Goose?'
Field Vole skull close up

Field Vole teeth extreme close up
The final thing I wanted to tell you about is a Birthday present I got from my Grandparents. It was a Microscope. As soon as it was set up I got out my field vole bones, of which I have obtained from dissecting owl pellets, and put them straight under the Microscope. You can see them in the picture to the right. I managed to get some really good pictures of them as the Microscope hooks into the computer of which you can use to take photos, videos and time-lapses. In future posts I will do plants or bacteria growing, I'm thinking of lots of great posts to do with it :-)

Anyway, I'm sorry this wasn't a very long one as I'm off out for a celebration, I hope you don't mind and I'll try to make tomorrow's extra special to make up for it,

Hope you enjoyed,


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