Saturday, 21 February 2015

Day 112 - A coastal ramble and beach clean at wonderful Whitby

Hey everyone,

Well today I was on the other side of the North York Moors out at the coast at Sandsend near Whitby. The drive over there is fantastic. There are lots of lovely moorlands and some amazing valleys as well.

One of the fabulous views on the North York Moors

Just on the way over I saw so much. There were Lapwings displaying, Pheasants pheeding and Grouse gliding across our path. You have to drive carefully too as there are sheep loose all over the moors, they are there all year so they must be very tough.

Finds from beach clean
So we went over to look at some rock pools and to do a beach clean. We always try to do one when we're near the coast as we don't get there very often. Today the beach was very clean compared to our last beach clean a bit further up North where we filled a bin bag in just a few minutes! We did find a fair amount of rubbish though, especially fishing line, as you can see from the pictures. The squid fishing lures and the scrabble tile were funny to find:

Anyway, while we were picking up rubbish we went rock-pooling. We didn't find as much as we were hoping for but we did find some lovely things.

  • Sea anemone.
  • Limpets
  • Winkles
  • Several different types of seaweed (see the picture)
Sea Anemone
It's not much but we were happy with what we found because we weren't there very long before the tide came in. I will return to some of these species in more detail for future posts as they are fascinating!

I also saw quite a few gulls and other sea birds which I'll cover in other posts.

There aren't many links today but here's a couple about Whitby:

Lots of seaweeds

The whole coast here though is fantastic so check this out too :

Hope you enjoyed,


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