Saturday, 28 February 2015

Day 119 - A Walk Around Yorks City Walls

A part of the wall going through one of the bars
- that's what the gates in the walls are called to make it
more confusing roads are called gates like my favourite
Whip-ma-whop-ma-gate - Yorks shortest street
Hi all today's Day 119 and today, I have been over at York. We walked along the city walls looking for nature. We weren't expecting to see much as we were in the city and it wasn't a nature reserve but, we did manage to see quite a lot as you can see below.

But before I get onto what I saw, I just want to say how much history the York Walls have and how old/important they were and are. The walls have lots of interesting things on and around them. One of the things I liked was a chess board that had been carved into the wall by the medieval people. The walls have been around since Roman times and have protected the City of York for just under 2,000 years.

Some of the birds I saw
Anyway, here is what I saw:
  • I saw at least 19 Black-headed gulls and two Herring Gulls in the Archbishops garden looking for food! See the picture below to watch them hunting in John Sentamu's garden (well we think it's his garden!)
  • Several Blackbirds
Some of the geese we saw.
  • Several types of geese which are as follows:
  • Canada Geese; 10
  • Canada x Graylag hybrid Goose? 1 (thanks @birdbrainuk)
  • Greylag Geese; 8
  • Barnacle Geese; 2
  • Magpies; 2 (sadly they flew off before I got a photo with them both in, but I did get the one in the group above)
  • Blue Tits; 2
  • Robin; 1
  • Carrion Crows; at least 2
  • Feral Pigeons; at least 2
    Looking over to the Minster from the walls
  • Wood Pigeons; 25
  • House Sparrow; 1
  • Robin; 1
  • Moorhens; 2
  • Swans; 2
Anyway, there aren't many links I can do for these birds but here is a couple for the York Walls:

Hope you enjoyed,


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