Thursday, 16 July 2015

Day 255 - Commonly Known Collective Nouns Part 2

A Landing of Owls :-)
Hey everyone today's Day 255 and a while ago I did a post on Collective Nouns. I didn't cover all of them but I managed to get up to the letter N. This is about half of the alphabet so I thought today I would do Part 2. So here is the list:


A Parliament, Study, Stare or Wisdom of Owls


A Company, Prattle or Pandemonium of Parrots
A Covey of Partridges
A Muster, Pride or Ostentation of Peacocks
A Pod, Scoop or Squadron of Pelicans
A Colony, Creche, Huddle, Parcel or Rookery of Penguins
A Bouquet, Covey, Nide or Nye of Pheasants
A Kit, Dropping or Loft of Pigeons
A Congregation of Plovers
A Pod, School, Herd or Turmoil of Porpoises
A Skulk of Pheasants :-)


A Bevy of Covey of Quail


An Unkindness or Conspiracy of Ravens
A Building, Clamour of Parliament of Rooks
A Hill of Ruffs
A String or Racehorses
A Crash of Rhinos (I bet they do ;-)
A Mask or Racoons


An Otter of Starlings :-)
A Fling of Sandpipers
A Flock of Seagulls
A Doading of Sheldrakes
An Exultation of Skylarks
A Walk or Wisp of Snipe
A Host, Ubiquity or Quarrel of Sparrows
A Murmuration or Clutter of Starlings
A Muster or Phalanx of Storks
A Flight or Gulp of Swallows
A Wedge of Flying Swans
A Gaggle, Bank, Bevy, Whiteness, Herd, Eyrar, Ballet or Gargle of Swans
A Pod, Hers or Rookery of Seals
A Dray of Squirrels
A Shiver of Sharks (say that 5 times fast)
A Stench of Skunks (that too!)


A Diving or Spring of Teal
A Mutation of Thrushes
A Raffle of Rafter of Turkeys
A Dole or Pitying of Turtle Doves
An Ambush of Tigers


A Wake of Vultures
A Say Cheese of Woodpeckers :-)


A Knob or Plump or Waterfowl
A Coil of Widgeon
A Descent or Gatling of Woodpeckers
A Fall of Woodcocks
A Herd of Wrens
A Sounder of Wild Boar
A Pladge of Wasps (My Mum says Miranda Hart would like that one..!)

Here is a link to a bit more information:

British Bird Lovers - Collective Nouns

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