Friday, 31 July 2015

Day 270 - Some Lovely Northern National Parks

A lovely North York Moors View
Hey everyone today's Day 270 and before I start I want to say that from tomorrow for 1 week there probably won't be daily posts as I am holiday in Norfolk. I had thought about scheduling some but it's hard to get 9 posts done in a couple of days. I might have access to Wifi & technology while away but as I'll be off out nature hunting most of the time (love looking for bats and nightjars where we're going) I may not get time. So because of this I thought I would do a special and slightly different post today.

The Moors at Snilesworth.
I've been watching twitter and noticed this week is National Park Week so I thought I would write about the National Parks that I have been to in the last week. I'm lucky enough to live close to two and the third is not too far away and I generally get to this one a few times a year. So here are the parks and a few of the lovely places I go and the things I have seen in them:

Looking over Lake Gormire
This National Park is the closest to me, it has places like Whitby, Silton Forest, Littlebeck woods and a lots more of beautiful places. It has some lovely moors there, some of which are managed for Pheasants and Grouse, but there are some moors that are managed just for wildlife. In between the moors there are loads of valleys some are which have lovely woods in them.

Some of the things I have seen on and around the moors include:
Toad Patrol and a newt!
There are lots more things I've seen, and lots of places I go to like Whitby and Sandsend for Rock pooling and Fossil Hunting, Silton Forest for walks and nature hunting, Cod Beck at Osmotherly for walks and Toad Patrol, Snilesworth, Lake Gormire, Sutton Bank, Rievaulx's a fabulous place! I did a special post on the North York Moors a little while ago.

The Champion Cherry at Fountains
Well, this is also quite close to me but a bit further away than t'moors so I don't get there quite as often. We do go to a lovely area called Clapham sometimes to see some friends that live there and have dinner and a walk. I was there last weekend in a place called Askrigg and had planned to have a walk and nature hunt but it was raining really heavily so we didn't manage that time. We've also been to the lovely waterfalls at Aysgarth.

We most often get to the Eastern parts of the Dales. Fountains Abbey is on the way and I go there quite a lot. We like a couple of walks in Ripon where I've seen lots of great wildlife and also go to Masham, though that's usually to go and have a nice roast beef dinner at the Black Sheep Brewery. We also go around Nidderdale to places like Brimham Rocks, this is looked after by the National Trust and it's a great place for nature, for rock scrambling and ultimate hide and seek!

Some of the things I have seen here include
    The Dales are also a great place to visit and there are lots of things to do. I'm getting better at hill walking and one day I hope to do the Three Peaks walk - this is very long but the countryside is stunning.

    My first holiday - by Blea Tarn - very relaxing :-)
    Well as it was Dad's first day of his holiday yesterday we had a little trip over to the Lake District for a little walk. It was fabulous and I saw some great wildlife but I'm saving one of the species I saw for a special post.... :-)

    Mostly when we go over we have little holidays and stay around Windermere, in fact my first ever holiday was in the Lake District. 
    A little way up Skiddaw

    I've been up some of the big hills, well part way up, I had got about two thirds of the way up Skiddaw once when it got cloudy and rainy so we turned back.

    The Fairfield Horseshoe in Winter from Windermere
    As I don't go there so often I haven't done many posts on the wildlife I've seen there but here are a few photos of some of the lovely places I've visited. I have posted a few things I've see at Leighton Moss which you totally must visit if you are over in the Lake District, a fabulous wild place!

    Some lovely woods and a beck near Windemere

    Well, I hope you enjoyed, and of course I'll post and tweet during the week if I can,


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    1. Great shots here Zach, these are stunning views! - Tasha